Is too much sugar a form of brain abuse?

We all know too much sugar is bad for us.  But did you know that having unfettered access to sugar might produce brain changes similar to highly stressful situations, such as neglect or abuse?  A recent study published in Frontiers in Molecular Neuroscience comparing the effects of unlimited sugar availability and the effects of early […]


Does Free Will Exist?

It’s a lazy Sunday afternoon. Professor Freeman is enjoying the Southern California weather on Professor Domino’s patio. Domino: Will it be Coke or Pepsi, Dr. Freeman? Freeman: That’s an easy choice, Dr. Domino. Domino: Oh, is it? I guess the neurons in your brain have already decided for you. Isn’t there much neuroscience research demonstrating […]

LSD: Psychedelic Thrill or Optimism Pill?

LSD: Psychedelic Thrill or Optimism Pill?

If you’re in a room with ten adults, chances are two of them are going to develop a mental illness –- and only one of them will receive proper treatment.  Depending upon the psychiatric condition, common treatments include psychotherapy, cognitive behavioral therapy, and pharmacotherapy.  It is widely known that pharmacological treatment for psychiatric disorders such […]