The Departure of Skill Memories from Motor Cortex: Deeper Directions for Neuroscience

You probably have certain skills that I don’t.  Each of us, having spent enough time practicing something new, can become an expert.  A simple, ubiquitous example is driving a car with a manual transmission.  The precise sequence and timing of controlling the clutch, giving gas, and shifting the gears are challenging to coordinate when initially

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Reconciling the Past with Pills: A New Approach to PTSD Treatment

Over a lifetime, the human brain stores countless memories.  Some are mundane and practical, others are subjective, and some influence our thinking and behaviour.  Not all of them are good. Post-traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) encompasses intrusive traumatic memories, which dictate behavior.  Currently, PTSD is treated with antidepressants and cognitive therapy, but it is often treatment

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The Tenets of Tauists Knowing Neurons

The Tenets of Tauists

For the labs working tirelessly to understand the underpinnings of Alzheimer’s disease, there are often two camps: BAPtists and tau-ists.  The former subscribe to the beta amyloid cascade hypothesis that implicates amyloid plaque deposition as the primary culprit in causing memory loss and degeneration.  In this model, neuronal cell loss and axonal transport problems associated

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