Can Looking at Food Photos Ruin Your Dinner? by Knowing Neurons

Can Looking at Food Photos Ruin Your Dinner?

How many advertisements do you see each day?  If you could count them all (billboards, television commercials, sidebar advertisements on your Facebook feed), it would add up to almost 5,000!  An increasing proportion of these ads are for food, where companies try to increase brand awareness (who doesn’t know the McDonald’s jingle?) and purchase intentions (a full meal for three bucks is quite the deal!).  Some of the most successfully food ads invite us to imagine the sensory experience for ourselves (Mmm, Mmm, Good!).  This “yum response” may increase our desire to purchase and eat the food being shown, but it may also have an important and unintended consequence.  As a matter of fact, a new study suggests that repeated stimuli like these food advertisements make the subsequent consumption of that food a lot less enjoyable.Continue reading

Do You Crave Sweets?

My answer is YES, all the time, no exceptions!  Do you remember when Miranda from “Sex and the City” was so addicted to chocolate cake that even after she threw it away, she pulled a piece of cake out of the trashcan and ate it?  No doubt we have all had a moment when we knew we should stop but it was impossible to resist even when we are not hungry!  So, why do we indulge in sweets?  Is it because of our emotions, or is it due to chemicals in our brains?Continue reading