A Close Up Look Infographic – #6 – Eye Disease

A Close Up Look 6 - Eye Disease infographic

How might people with cataracts see the world differently? What about someone with a refractive error like astigmatism? In this infographic, KN Illustrator Gil Torten explores how different eye conditions can affect how we visually perceive something in our external world– like a hamburger sitting in front of us.

An insightful infographic by Gil Torten.
Gil Torten

Gil Torten

Gil Torten is currently in his 2nd year of his Ph.D. at UCLA. His research is particularly interested in vision, specifically in the maintenance and function of the photoreceptor cell in the retina, with a focus on utilizing new technology in microscopy to better understand this complex cell. While Gil spends a bit too much time in the lab, he is also passionate about art and has been working with clay in some capacity for over 12 years - see his work on his Instagram: @tortenceramics. In the future, Gil hopes to use his experience in both art and science to encourage cross disciplinary education in K-12 and in universities, and teach others about the value of exploring a wide range of interests