About Knowing Neurons

Knowing Neurons: A creative neuroscience education and outreach website 

Knowing Neurons is an award winning website by young neuroscientists.

We make neuroscience accessible to anyone interested in learning about the brain.

Delve into the mind via stories, infographics, interviews, and more!

We love the art of creation.

Our passion is sharing exciting stories about the brain and mind.

We use various modes of creative communication to tell our stories simply and effectively.

Our custom-made visuals are the cornerstone of our mission.


"You’re a neuroscientist?  That’s cool!  So what do you do?"

Soon after starting grad school, we realized that answering this question is not that easy. The jargon-filled answer we might give to a fellow neuroscience graduate student is not suitable when speaking to a parent. As scientists, we feel we have a responsibility to communicate our work to all audiences in a way that is accurate without being dry, easy to understand without oversimplification, and exciting without exaggeration.

In 2012 we began Knowing Neurons with two goals in mind.

  1. To provide a platform for young neuroscientists to practice communicating their scientific research and ideas to a general public.

  2. To provide accurate and engaging educational content for anyone to explore about the fascinating world of the brain and mind.

We publish articles that highlight recent advances in neuroscience and exciting new scientific technologies. We interview top neuroscientists in their field and review interesting books about the brain. To keep our articles approachable, we support all our content with useful visuals, easy-to-follow illustrations, and infographics, which teachers from all over the world use in their classrooms!

In 2016 we won the Society for Neuroscience Next Generation Award!

This award recognizes SfN chapter members who have made outstanding contributions to public communication, outreach, and education about neuroscience. We are honored to be recognized for our efforts!

The Team
A worldwide group of dedicated creators and science communicators work together to prepare all content on the site.
Guest Contributors
Undergraduate, masters, graduate, and post-doctoral students work with the core team to create quality educational content.

We would love to hear from you.

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