Join Us

Knowing Neurons is actively recruiting for both leadership and general staff positions. Here are our currently available positions, updated regularly (Last updated: 9/28/22):

Open Team Leadership Positions:
  • Head of Science Policy: Core duties include overseeing content posted to our Science Policy column, as well as reviewing/approving the science policy-related pieces that we publish. There is certainly room to make this position your own — the individual has freedom to solicit pieces from the team or guest contributors on specific topics of interest, write original science policy articles, and even explore collaborations with external SciPol organizations.
  • Head of Social Media: Duties include developing our media/marketing strategies, publishing our content across our social media platforms, and coordinating with our website team for a coherent digital presence.
General Team Openings:
  • Fundraising: assist with grant-writing
  • Newsletter: design/curate a biweekly newsletter
  • Website: website design – high school level or above
  • Social Media: help with regular posts and reviewing posts – PhD-level candidate
  • Illustration: work on illustrations for infographics, articles, and neurocomic (at least undergraduate-level, no science experience necessary)
  • Outreach Team 

Please email with your CV and a few sentences about your relevant background and experience, desired positions, and why you want to get involved.