Translation Project

Knowing Neurons is currently partnering with the UCLA Brain Research Institute and the UCLA Spanish and Portuguese Department to translate the Knowing Neurons site and content into Spanish in order to make neuroscience more accessible to the public. Representation and accessibility in STEM is one of our foundational missions here at Knowing Neurons and we thank UCLA for aiding us in this effort. Below are the talented UCLA student translators that have contributed to this project.

Project Description

The translation of Knowing Neurons articles into Spanish was done by UCLA students enrolled in two Spanish community-engaged learning courses: M172XP Latinos, Linguistics, and Literacy and M165XP Taking it to the Streets: Spanish in the Community. Through outreach projects like this, undergraduate students in these courses connect theory with practice by using their cultural knowledge and linguistic skills to make educational materials and resources accessible to the Spanish-speaking community. In this particular project, students with a passion for both Spanish and neuroscience translate articles from English into Spanish, interview Spanish-speaking neuroscientists (see podcast section), and conduct workshops for Latinx youth on the path to earn a STEM degree. 

The translations were reviewed and edited by a linguist, Dr. Carla Suhr from the UCLA Department of Spanish and Portuguese, and a neuroscientist, Dr. Rafael Romero-Calderón from the UCLA Neuroscience Interdepartmental Program. Generous support was provided by the Brain Research Institute (BRI) at UCLA.


2021 Fall Translators

Adriana Perez

Adriana Perez is a UCLA student majoring in psychology and minoring in community engagement and social change. She is a research assistant in a clinical psychology lab that researches racial/ethnic disparities that exist in youth mental health services. After graduation, she hopes to obtain a PhD in clinical psychology to conduct research on culturally-adapted therapy and provide mental health services to racial and ethnic minority communities

Fernanda Lomeli

Fernanda Lomeli is currently an undergraduate student at UCLA pursuing a bachelor's degree in Spanish, Community and Culture and is also part of the Medical Spanish Interest Group. Her goal is to become a medical interpreter with the neurology department as well as encouraging those with epilepsy to study and move on, since she is epileptic herself. She would also like to help those with epilepsy know the meaning of technology and importance of the RNS device as to how it can be a great cure and change in life.

2021 Spring Translators

Jenna Hartstein

Jenna Hartstein is an undergraduate student at UCLA studying Human Biology and minoring in Spanish. She is a member of an on campus lab where she is studying the impact of stress processes (depression, anxiety, early life adversity) on perinatal outcomes and infant health. She enjoys connecting the realms of neuroscience with her Spanish minor as a student translator for Knowing Neurons. After her graduation, she hopes to continue her studies in medical school.

Angela Hernández

Angela Hernandez is a student at the University of California, Los Angeles studying Spanish, Community, and Culture and Education. She received an A.S. in Mathematics from Santa Monica College. Angela is Mexican from Zapotec heritage and a first-generation college student. After UCLA, she hopes to enroll in graduate school and obtain her Ph.D. in Education.  Outside of school, Angela spends a lot of her time camping and hiking at National Parks.

Jayleska Johnson

Jayleska Johnson is pursuing a bachelor of science in Cognitive Science and a bachelor of the arts in Spanish, Community and Culture at UCLA. She is interested in developing community programs that benefit and improve Latinx and minority communities in California. Jayleska is also interested in the development of the mind and how societal, and economic circumstances can affect how people respond to situations in life. She hopes to integrate her interests through the creation of community programs to improve Latinx and minority communities.

Additional UCLA Student Translators

Daniela Semerjian

Valia Gregory

Sebastián Martínez

Delaney Ivey