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Brain Battery

“The human generates more bio-electricity than a 120-volt battery and over 25,000 BTVs of body heat.  There are fields…endless fields, were human beings are no longer born.  We are grown…  The Matrix is a computer-generated dream world, built to keep us under control in order to change a human being into this.”  – Morpheus, The Matrix (1999).

Brain Battery

When I first saw The Matrix, I was chilled at the possibility that my whole world was a computer-generated mirage and that the whole reason for my existence was to power a supercomputer with my own bioelectricity.  I was mortified that all of the human race could be enslaved and used as bio-batteries to generate the energy required to fuel a massive, self-aware and highly intelligent computer entity called “The Matrix.”  After some sleepless nights, I was able to put it out of my mind, but I continued to be intrigued by Morpheus’ claim that the human body was essentially a glorified battery.  Was this true or simply some scriptwriter’s idea that provided the foundation for the movie and kept me up at night?

The human brain is a battery, or rather, a collection of approximately 80 billion batteries.  Each neuron in the brain possesses the ability to accumulate a charge across its cell membrane, which results in a small, but meaningful voltage.  The average neuron contains a resting voltage of approximately 70 millivolts or 0.07 volts.  This is quite small when compared to the 1.5 volts in a AA battery or the 115 volts in a wall socket.  What is interesting though, is that although 70 millivolts may seem insignificant, the microscopic scale at which it occurs is fascinating.

Voltage is defined as an electropotential difference between two points.  In the case of the AA battery, this potential difference is measured between the top (+) and bottom (-) of the battery and is due to an excess of negative charge at the negative pole.  In a neuron, this potential difference is measured across the lipid bilayer and the intracellular side is generally more negative.  Normally, the lipid bilayer is around 5 nanometers thick, which means that the 70 millivolt potential difference is separated by only 5×10-9 meters.  In contrast, a AA battery’s poles are at each end of the battery and are 2 inches (5×10-2 meters) apart.

When there is a potential difference between two separate points, like the potential difference across the lipid bilayer of a neuron, an electrostatic field is produced.  A great example of an electrostatic field is the field generated between the clouds in the sky and the earth during a thunderstorm.  This field is produced by a difference in charge that develops between the clouds and the surface of the earth.  If this field becomes too strong, a spark of electricity shoots across the gap between the positive and negative poles and becomes lightning!  Now the strength of this field is defined by a simple equation:

E = – Δϕ/d

where the strength of the field (E) is directly related to the potential difference (Δϕ, otherwise known as voltage) divided by the distance (d) between the poles.  So, in a lightning storm, the electrical field would be measured as the difference in voltage of the earth and the clouds, divided by the distance between them. Lightning is produced when the electrostatic force (E) is around 3 million volts per meter!

How does a lowly neuron, with its 70 millivolts, compare to the awesome power of a lightning strike?  We can simply calculate the electrostatic force across the lipid bilayer to find out.  We know that the voltage across a neuron’s membrane is 0.07 volts and the average thickness of the membrane is 5 nanometers.

ENeuron = -(0.07 volts) / (5×10-9 meters)

ENeuron = 14 million volts per meter!  That’s more than four times the electrostatic force required to produce lightning during a thunderstorm!

Membrane Figure

Getting back to Morpheus’ claim, I think it’s safe to say that humans really are batteries, and the brain contains more than 80 billion of them.  Even crazier is that each of these batteries contains four times the electrostatic force that normally results in lightning during a thunderstorm!  Perhaps the Matrix was on to something when it decided to use us as its power source!

“This is your last chance.  After this, there is no turning back.  You take the blue pill, the story ends.  You wake up in your bed and believe whatever you want to believe.  You take the red pill, you stay in Wonderland, and I show you how deep the rabbit-hole goes.”

Written by Ryan Jones.~
Image adapted from The Matrix/Warner Bros and made by Ryan T. Jones. 


12 thoughts on “Brain Battery

  • My mouth hanged throughout this article…. So much astonishing….. neuron vs lightning! سبحان اللہ

  • Joshwin John

    can we use that tiny amount electricity { which everyone has in the body } to generate large amount of electricity and actually transfer it out of our brain , thus creating natural electric field around that person ? …. hence that person can move stuffs with the help of electric field generated ! , I know it’s hypothetical ….or is it possible ?

    • Victor Bureau

      In short, no.

      First, we must take into account the laws of physics that are in play. Physically, there is no creature or creation alive that has mastered the harnessing of energy. Heat, sound, friction, distribution of force, and other kinds of energy rob from our output naturally. Because of that, we cannot harnest milivolts without expanding more energy to procure them.
      Electronically, similar to physically, there is more than volts at play. First, electicity is produced by electrons jumping through atoms, which produces heat, measured in joules or watts. There is also the consideration of atmospheric resistance at play, meaning that bone, skin, and brain juice all have resistance to electricity (making them fry when shocked) as well as non-ionized air being highly resisitant (which is why lighting hits periodically and not all the time… The air creates ionized tunnels that allow electricity to pass through it for a moment, allowing the clouds to discharge). Resistance is measured in ohms. Lastly, to keep the field alive, you would need aperage, rather than voltage. That is the measure of current.
      These fit together through Ohms law that state that, in order for a current to be possible, the amperage needs to stay equal while the voltage reduces to 0 and not below. Due to loss in wattage, resistance and no clear circuit for the voltage to travel, there is no possible way to get the voltage outputted.

      Secondly, the concept to move things via electricity is called electro-magnetism. Basically, using electricity to create a magnetic field able to repel an object’s atoms to create thrust in one or all directions. This theory has been proven to be possible for non-magnetic items, and there is a single magnet powerful enough to do so… However, in order to create it, it’s also a magnet that takes more electricity than all of humanity combined can generate. (It’s fun to watch though, youtube “magnetic strawberry” and you’ll find it… I think it’s through Smarter Every Day)

      Thirdly, and most importantly, we must understand WHY the energy is there. Our nervous system uses an electronical pulse to send signals from the brain to a muscle so you move. Electric shocks tell your heart to beat. Electric pulses through pain recepters tells us when we are being hurt. Memory is a group of series of electrical pulses throughout different centers of our brain firing at once. The sense of smell, taste and sight are also using those electronical pulses to sypher what we smell taste and feel, that can trigger memories itself. Things you don’t think about like breathing, bleeding, digesting are all done by continuous electrical pulses from the brain.

      That said, neurons need their electrical charges and neuropathways to allow us to live. If you were to remove the electronic charge of the brain, you’d rob yourself from your life support, memories, and abilities to function and protect yourself, all while creating enough voltage to….fail.

      • Tony Boss

        To answer the op’s question yest you can amplify current and voltage to extreme levels one way is with coiled conductors, the body is one big conductor. The body is one big Voltage generator and thus current generator. There already is a huge electromagnetic field around the body. The amperes in most people is quite low but it can be trained to be powerful.
        I have to correct you got a lot of misunderstandings. Current is measured in amperes if you have zero volts you have zero current… ohms law voltage divided by total resistance(ohms) is equal to current aka amperage. Human body uses AC (alternating current) as it is always changing for the heart and lungs large organ movements. Alternating current is produced by the voltage created from dynamic electro- magnetic fields. One way This e-m field is produced in the human body is mechanically from the blood flowing though the body. The other EM field at play is that of the earths but that is another story.
        The source Memory and thoughts has not been proven to this date so don’t say theories like it is fact. The body also makes Direct current through ATP within the cell this is done to store extra joules of energy and for operations like brain function. The CIA has done experiments on telekinesis and things like that available thanks to the freedom of information act.

      • Beautiful response

  • UniquePerception

    Don’t Microorganisms [bacteria viruses ] have a part in connecting the different aspects within our cells together to create a continuous flow of current? So extracting the bacteria and microorganisms out of our systems is also hijacking the pathways of our Electrical Pulses resulting in the Dis-ease they have brainwashed us to believe in, that they themselves are causing by the hijacking of the pathways,

  • sherrylynnstahl

    Thanks for sharing this information in an understandable format. I’m on Day 4 of a Brain Detox from Dr. Caroline Leaf and she said “The human brain generates more electricity in one day than all the cell phones on the planet.” I had to verify 🙂 How the brain works is fascinating! I do want to ask. In the pcture you created a brain as a battery with the top part being positive and the bottom, larger portion is negative. You comment, “In a neuron, this potential difference is measured across the lipid bilayer and the intracellular side is generally more negative.” Am I correct in understanding that the charge is more negative than positive to the percentage in your picture of the brain?

  • David Welliver

    The voltage is impressive how much current are we talking about

  • I have a question I am getting no answers with. Bruce Lipton mentions in a video the human cells contains about 1.4 volts.
    From What I understand or at least have read Cells are designed to run at a pH of 7.35 (-20 millivolts) to a pH of 7.45 (-25 millivolts).

    Can you give me anything on this??

    • Allen Brunk

      The voltage of a neuron (and synapse) is determined by the valence electrons of the chemicals they are storing. These potentials are influential when the neural trace is activated.

  • thanks, this was helpful

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