ALS: An Infographic and the Ice Bucket Challenge

The Knowing Neurons team accepted the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge!

We nominate EyeWire, Kerri Smith of Neurpod, Dan Ariely, and Oliver Sacks!



ALS Infographic by Knowing Neurons


Infographic by Jooyeun Lee, Anita Ramanthan, Kate Fehlhaber, and Jillian Shaw.



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Knowing Neurons is an award-winning neuroscience education and outreach website that was created by young neuroscientists. The global team members at Knowing Neurons explain complicated ideas about the brain and mind clearly and accurately using powerful images, infographics, and animations to enhance written content. With an extensive social media presence, Knowing Neurons has become an important science communication outlet and resource for both students and teachers.

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  • agosto 26, 2014 en 2:54 am
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    Hi! I’m a blogger from a spanish blog on psychology. I want to share your infographic as a part of a post that I’m making about the psychological aspects of ice bucket challenge. Can I use it?
    I can host a copy of the infographic in order to avoid the hotliking.
    Obviously you will be cited and linked.

    Thanks in advance, Guido Corradi from @GuidoBCor in Twitter : )

    • agosto 26, 2014 en 8:10 am
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      Hello, Guido! That sounds fine! Please cite as and provide a link back to this post. Thank you!

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