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4 comentarios en «Myth or Fact? Drug abuse can put holes in your brain.»

  • junio 27, 2016 en 10:04 pm
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    Thanks for the clear explanation, I was always sure drugs messed with people’s brains on some kind of permanent basis. But trauma does make holes? Can you deal with that in a future post?

  • junio 28, 2016 en 9:23 pm
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    I wonder if that applies to all addictive substances when they are abused such as daily big quantities of coffee (caffeine) intake. And what sort of anatomical changes does it bring ? Could we have an example or a pointer of some link(s) ?

  • junio 18, 2017 en 8:08 am
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    Thanks for sharing this fact sheet about how the brain can be hijack by drug abuse.

  • junio 18, 2017 en 8:10 am
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    What about drugs like marijuana? Do they cause the same kind of impact on our brain?

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