Un pequeño mapa para las moscas de la fruta, un gran salto para la neurociencia

Artículo original: One Small Map for Fruit Flies, One Giant Leap for Neuroscience,  Alexa Erdogan Traducido por Samantha Arauz Nota: este artículo explora un trabajo reciente que ha sido revisado… Leer más

Cerebral Organoids Reveal New Angles for Understanding the Human Brain

When you think of researchers growing “mini-brains,” you might picture a mad scientist out of a sci-fi or horror movie. But the reality looks quite different. Cerebral organoids, often colloquially… Leer más

One Small Map for Fruit Flies, One Giant Leap for Neuroscience

*Note: this article explores a recent paper that has been reviewed and published in its preprint form, before peer review. hile there is a certain majesty in the convoluted wrinkles… Leer más

High Fat Diet May Prevent Sudden Death in Epilepsy

he human brain consists of highly complex circuitry which is wired to elicit a synchronous pattern of electrical signals. This allows for communication between differing regions of the brain. When… Leer más