Knowing Neurons


El proceso de la muerte celular programada que puede ocurrir durante el desarrollo, en respuesta al estés, o como mecanismo rutinario del mantenimiento biológico. A diferencia de la muerte celular que puede ocurrir a raíz un trauma o lesión celular, la apoptosis es un evento controlado que conlleva a un beneficio, y es una parte importante del ciclo de la vida.

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Nerissa Culi

Nerissa received her MSci in Neuroscience from The University of Nottingham where she studied the protective effects of hypothermia on brain physiology. During her placement year, she investigated the role of inflammation in the development of Alzheimer’s Disease using MRI and computational techniques. Nerissa now works in digital marketing where she exercises her analytical skills as a Tech Account Manager, helping businesses to grow through optimisation and automation. Outside of work she loves trying out new restaurants, travelling and baking.