Joel’s Pick

In this special column, infectiously enthusiastic neuroscientist/science writer Joel Frohlich will expertly unpack dense, groundbreaking neuroscience studies in a relatable way — through the words of their very authors. ‘Joel’s pick’ aims to provide a fresh, new angle on recent developments from the neuroscience landscape by digging into the niches of the experts that made each discovery possible.

For this column, Joel will scour news sources from universities, labs, news agencies and science publishers to bring you (‘pick’) the very best of the neuroscience world. His excellent, bite-sized interviews are very engaging and easy to follow whether you want to get your head around free will, molecular neuroscience, or artificial intelligence.

Joel is a postdoc studying consciousness at UCLA and holds a PhD in Neuroscience. He has worked at Knowing Neurons for over 5 years covering various roles from Editor, Writer to Editor in Chief as recently as 2018. His writings on science for popular science websites (Aeon, Psychology Today) have covered topical issues ranging from sleep, free will, consciousness to neuroscience fundamentals.

Joel has reviewed multiple books for Knowing Neurons on the links between neuroscience and physics and the future of artificial intelligence. He has written on the interaction between art and science and has conducted interviews with eminent scientists including Donald Hoffman (UC Irvine),  Martin Monti (UCLA), and Andre’ David (CERN), among the others.

If you are interested to find out more about Joel, please visit our Team page!