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About Me Now let's discuss a little about the last two. Exercise is very important. As mentioned above, poor nutrition leads to weight gain and obesity. But exercise is the single most important factor in increasing your longevity. There are ten factors that affect health and fitness, but a combination of good nutrition and regular exercise is the best possible solution for living a longer life. Finally, I would like to talk about your emotional health. Emotional fitness is closely tied to physical fitness. When you are depressed or angry, your body releases chemicals in your brain that have the unfortunate effect of making you physically miserable. This can have severe consequences, including reduced mobility and increased risk of disease. It is important to reduce your stress levels. If you have high stress levels, then you will be more likely to get sick and weaken your immune system. The result is a higher risk of illness and disease. So lower your stress today. It is also important to increase your fitness levels. The ten factors that affect health and fitness will help you along your way to fitness success. Start your fitness journey today by adopting or incorporating one or more of the ten factors that affect health and fitness. Use the information you have learned about each factor to achieve your fitness goals. Exercise, eat right and get plenty of sleep will all help you achieve and maintain your health and fitness goals. Remember that fitness equals good health.