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About Me A humidifier may help if your eczema is extremely patchy. They push water into your air. The steam is Herpesyl Reviews made of water droplets that moisten the environment. This can make skin soft and smooth in any weather. Be sure to keep the humidifier clean so that you do not wind up with other health problems. Keep your skin moisturized to prevent eczema. Soft, flexible skin is not likely to have an outbreak. Use unscented moisturizers or petroleum jelly. It is possible for added scents and chemicals in some products to make eczema flare-ups worse. Take care not to scratch. If you tend to scratch in your sleep, be sure the itchy areas are covered by Glucfort Reviews gauze, bandages or pajamas. Trim your fingernails very short so that you will not be able to scratch much while sleeping. Use cold compresses and/or anti-itch treatments right before bed. When you buy new sheets, always wash them first. They may seem clean and fresh but they are likely stiff with starch or other chemicals that can be irritating to your skin. So give them a wash with a gentle detergent and use an unscented softener to reduce the risk of irritation to your skin. Always apply a moisturizer or lotion after taking a bath or shower. Your skin will have absorbed moisture and using a moisturizer or lotion after a bath or shower will help to keep that moisture locked in your skin. So keep a long lasting lotion on hand and use it as part of your bath ritual. If you suffer from eczema, your doctor may have recommended that you stay out of the sun. Sun is not healthy for you and may result in a burn. However, Vitamin D deficiency can cause eczema. This kind of deficiency is caused from lack of sun exposure. It is best to limit sun exposure to 10-15 minutes a day. Start putting a soothing oil in your Dentitox Pro Reviews bath with you. Using a bath oil will help keep the water from drying your skin out. You can emerge from the tub with your skin hydrated and nourished. Then finish up by applying a lotion to lock that moisture and hydration in. You know of course that you cannot scratch your eczema, but sometimes it is hard to resist. When this happens, try prevention methods that will ease up your temptation to scratch, such as taking a nice bath, taking prescribed medication, and cold compresses. This will help ensure that you don't irritate your skin further, causing more excessive itching and possibly an infection. As the beginning of this article stated previously, eczema can be frustrating. While may people suffer from it, there is no reason that anyone has to sit back and take it without some relief. Using the advice given here will help your skin be happier, and this will make you happier as a result.