Neurotech 2020

From Nov 30th until Dec 11th, academics, investors, and entrepreneurs from across the globe will meet virtually at NeuroTech 2020: The Digital Congress for NeuroTech Innovation & Growth.

Knowing Neurons is pleased to partner with and invite you all to register to NeuroTech 2020. This is a great chance to learn how integration of computers and biology could advance our understanding of the human brain. This virtual event will include online lab demos and presentations with opportunities to network with the speakers in breakout sessions.


Neurotech Flyer 2020


You can register for a 2-Week Free Pass or a 2-Week VIP Pass for $ £115.

Knowing Neurons’ readers will enjoy additional 25% discount on VIP Pass by entering the coupon NT20XY upon registration.

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Click here to Register for 2-Week VIP Pass and enter NT20XY for 25% discount exclusive for Knowing Neurons’ readers.

*** VIPs have access to influencers, speakers, closed events, and video recordings. ***





Nerissa Culi Headshot

Nerissa Culi

Nerissa received her MSci in Neuroscience from The University of Nottingham where she studied the protective effects of hypothermia on brain physiology. During her placement year, she investigated the role of inflammation in the development of Alzheimer’s Disease using MRI and computational techniques. Nerissa now works in digital marketing where she exercises her analytical skills as a Tech Account Manager, helping businesses to grow through optimisation and automation. Outside of work she loves trying out new restaurants, travelling and baking.