Knowing Neurons

Lesson Plans

The Lesson Plans are part of Knowing Neurons’ Translation Project, where we work with the Spanish and Portuguese Departments and the Brain Research Institute at the University of California, Los Angeles to translate neuroscience content into Spanish.

In the Translation Project, undergraduate students at UCLA translate articles originally posted on our platform from English into Spanish. As part of this project, students also conduct an outreach activity locally in Los Angeles, which involves teaching a lesson in a bilingual Spanish-English classroom. As part of the Translation Project, undergraduate students develop a guided lesson plan around one of the translated articles from Knowing Neurons with guidance from professors in both Spanish and Neuroscience.

These lesson plans are originally created in Spanish and then translated into English, and are targeted for high school students to learn about various topics in Neuroscience.


Lesson Plan: The Microbiome, for use with article, Your gut is closer to your brain than it seems!

Download the companion presentation here: