Write For KN

We are always looking for new science writers, who are passionate about neuroscience education!  For more information about our site, mission, and requirements, check out the About page.  All of our writers are graduate students in the fields of neuroscience or psychology or have completed a Masters or PhD in these fields.

If you are interesting in contributing to Knowing Neurons and feel that you meet these requirements, fill out the form below!  Please include your name, email address, a little bit about your background, and a four sentence abstract about the article you would like to write.  The topic should be neuroscience-related and be written for a general educated audience.  Write the abstract the way you will write the article, be engaging, and make it interesting!  After we receive your abstract, we can discuss the full length article.

Knowing Neurons gets read by thousands of readers each week!  If you would like to be featured on the site and possibly gain a few new readers, please don’t hesitate to submit your work!  We are happy to collaborate with other neuroscience blogs and websites, too!  If you have any questions, please email us at knowingneurons@gmail.com


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