Announcing the Knowing Neurons Patreon

We’re excited to announce that Knowing Neurons is now on Patreon! If you enjoy the neuroscience articles and illustrations that we create, please consider becoming a Patron to help support the site, keep it running, and help it expand into new and creative directions.

You can become a Patron here.

Why Patreon? Here at Knowing Neurons, we believe in accessible science communication. That means that our neuroscience content, ranging from articles to illustrations and more, will always be free for curious minds to explore. Producing and developing our neuroscience content, however, costs money and time. Currently, our Core Team and our contributors all volunteer their time and resources for free, so that we can create interesting and engaging content to promote science education.

By becoming a Patron, you would help us keep the lights on for the site, create the possibility of paying future contributors for their time and effort, and potentially help expand our project into different media (e.g. podcasts and videos). In return, you’ll get access to behind-the-scenes content, high quality sciart wallpaper packs, and/or potential collaboration roles (with credit as Content Producer) – depending on which reward tier you select.

And if you’re unable to support us on Patreon, that’s no problem. By sharing and engaging with our posts – whether it’s on social media or with friends and family – you’re still helping our work stay visible, which helps our team grow and develop in turn.

Thanks for all your support so far. We look forward to seeing you around the site and/or over on Patreon.


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